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Look for more fun, in the coming months... with the 11th Hour Band
Come out to Party, Dance & Enjoy Rock Tunes from every Decade!

The New lineup in 2009 ("clockwise"):
Chris "Tree" Williams,
"Ms" Michele Steele
Mike "Downtown" Brown,
"Little" Stevie 1nderWood,
Robb "Dub-ya" Johnson,
Rock On, People!

11th Hr Band Pic-09 2009

The band has now been going strong for 16+ years (over 700 gigs to date) ...and seems to be as busy as ever!
But, without all the wonderful support & encouragement we've received from our Music-friends, we wouldn't have kept on Rockin'! ...and Rollin', for so Long

Thanks for staying young at heart
...and keeping us that way too!

11th Hr Band Pic#7 2006

2005 11th Hr Band Pic#5

11th Hr Band Pic#6 '05

11th Hr Band Pic#8 '06